Residential Building Permit


A building permit is required if any structural, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical changes or additions will be made. Completing a building permit application is the first step in obtaining a permit. Please contact Bret Hosler to complete the necessary steps needed to start building. 



You may also apply for a permit by contacting Bret Hosler
Office Phone: (435) 678-2791 | Email:

Commercial Building Permit - Required Submittal 


To apply for a commercial building permit, contact Bret Hosler at 435-678-2791; or by email at Bret will contact you to discuss your project. The City will host a pre-development meeting (if requested) to answer questions and work through potential issues before plans are drawn.


The following is a list of required plans and documents to be submitted with a commercial building permit application. Two Copies of each item are required.

1.        Architectural Drawings with Architect wet stamp.

2.        Civil drawings to include Site, Grading, Utility, Landscape plans with details.

           Drawings to have Architect and or Engineers wet stamps.

3.        Structural Drawings and Calculations with Engineer wet stamp.

4.        Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical drawings with Engineers wet stamp.

5.        Buildings over 6,000 square feet are required to be fire sprinkled.

           Design professional can supply a submittal showing that code does not require sprinklers.

           Sprinkler drawings will need to be submitted to the City Fire Marshal.


All drawings to meet City Ordinances, 2012 International Building Codes and 2011 NEC. Contact Planning and Zoning for City ordinances.

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