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Policies & Procedures


Net Metering

NM Agreement





City desires to encourage the use of Renewable Resources by supplying a meter to provide the necessary

accounting to allow a customer to displace electric energy otherwise purchased from the City or to provide

electric energy to the City (“Net Meter”) The Net Meter will be available to any electric customer connected to

City’s electric distribution system provided that the customer installs a solar, wind, or other cityapproved

renewable generation resource (“Renewable Resource”) on the customer’s side of the meter, subject to the

Application Provisions.


Application Provisions

A customer must make an application to City and receive approval from City before installing an interconnected

Renewable Resource on their property. City may withhold approval if for any reason the requested

interconnection would result in a negative monetary or physical impact on the City electrical system.

By accepting a Net Meter, the customer hereby agrees to the following provisions:


1. The monthly electrical output of the Renewable Resource shall not be greater than 120% of the

historical maximum monthly energy consumption of the customer.


2. A Renewable Resource shall be manufactured and installed to interconnection standards that meet or

exceed the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (“IEEE”) standard 1547 for

Interconnecting Distributed Resource with Electric Power Systems and Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

(“UL”) standard 1741, Inverters, Converters and Controllers for use in Independent Power Systems


3. City shall have the right to inspect a customer’s generator facility during reasonable hours and with

reasonable prior notice to the customer. If City finds that the customer’s generator facility is not in

compliance with the requirements of City’s interconnection rules and the standards set forth in this

Tariff, and noncompliance adversely affects the safety or reliability of City’s facilities or other

customers’ facilities, City may require the customer to disconnect the facility until compliance is



4. If City disconnects the Renewable Resource, the customer shall receive in a timely manner, a written

explanation of the disconnection. The customer shall have the right to correct the situation and petition

City to reestablish an interconnection.


5. City shall install and maintain a new revenue meter for the customer, at City’s expense. Any subsequent

revenue meter change necessitated by the customer, whether because of a decision to stop NetMetering

or for any other reason, shall be pursuant to City policy.


6. The customer will release to City all renewable energy credits (RECs), solar renewableenergy

credits (SRECs) or other renewable attributes as appropriate based on actual onsite electric generation from

the Renewable Resource.


7. The customer will comply with all City service and billing requirements.


8. The customer will comply with all installation, building, land use and electric codes of City.


9. City shall make NetMetering available to eligible customers on a firstcome, firstserved basis up to 20% percent of City’ most recently measured annual peak load.


10. A customer facility used for NetMetering shall be equipped with metering equipment that can measure

the flow of electricity in both directions at the same rate. For customer facilities less than 10 kilowatts (kW) in rated capacity, this shall be accomplished through the use of a single, bidirectional electric revenue meter that has only a single register for billing purposes.


11. Customer shall be solely responsible for all work, and costs incurred, for installation and maintenance of

the Renewable Resource.



Upon approval and installation of a Renewable Resource but before interconnection to the Net Meter, City shall

inspect the Renewable Resource, installation and interconnection and approve or disapprove the interconnection.


Energy Rates and Payments

The customer shall be subject to the following provisions for service:


1. For all kWh delivered by City the customer shall pay the normal City rate for customer service as if the

customer had not installed a Renewable Resource.


2. City shall credit customer’s bill for kilowatthours (kWh) that exceed the customer’s onsite consumption of kWh in the billing period following the billing period of excess production at the City’s low load per kWh cost or the rate established by the City Council at the time.


3. City reserves the right to modify or amend the program, City’s avoided cost rate, the displacement ratio

or the monthly service charge upon reasonable advance notice to the customer. (30 days)


Force Majeure

Neither City nor the customer shall be subject to any liability or damages due to the inability of City to serve the

customer’s load due to lack of energy from either City or the Renewable Resource.


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