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Building Permit / City Inspect

Blanding City now has an online program that streamlines building permits, plan reviews and inspection requests for the builder and connects them with our departments for approval. Blanding City requires a building permit for all new home construction or if any structural, electrical, plumbing or mechanical changes or additions will be made. Completing a building permit application is the first step in obtaining a permit. No more paperwork, everything you need is on your phone, tablet or computer.
*All builders and contractors will be required to create an account  

Commercial Building Permit

To apply for a commercial building permit, contact Bret Hosler at 435-678-2791; or by email at Bret will contact you to discuss your project. The City will host a pre-development meeting to answer questions and work through potential issues before plans are drawn. Once the project is underway, please create a city inspect account and complete the commercial building permit online. 

Utility Connection Request 

Blanding's Public Works Department provides the city with all of its power, water, natural gas, and sewer needs. If you are planning on connecting to existing services please (i.e. moving into a home or rental) complete the billing application to start an account or have your account switched. If you are building on your property or looking to get new utilities to your property please complete the new utility request application. 

Encroachment Permit

An encroachment permit is required to perform installation of trenching for utility pipelines, cable, conduit, water and sewer lines, landscaping work including fencing, weed and tree removal, planting in the right-of-way, and construction access. Permission to access City property for any of these activities is obtained by the application of an encroachment permit.

Zone Map & Annexation Policy 

This is the official zoning map for Blanding City. You can use this map to identify zoning for property located within Blanding City. Zoning ordinances define land uses in a community, whether they be commercial, residential, industrial, or parks. Zoning benefits the community by establishing design standards for land use within the City. The Annexation Policy is also available to county residents looking to add a property to Blanding City. 

Building Code 

All building and city code can be found on here. 

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